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I’m Smiling Bear, Great To Meet You!

Smiling Bear’s not actually a bear at all. He's a koala. As bears are so cute and cuddly he likes to pretend.

Smiling Bear is a laid back, playful character who enjoys life to the ‘relaximum’. He loves to smile more, and is passionate about sharing this message with his buddies, and beyond.

A smile needs no translation and is a universal sign of love and happiness. Smiling makes you feel good. Life is definitely better when you smile more.

Like to learn how to smile more? Head over to the School of Smile and start studying! 

Bear Basics

Birthday 11th November

Nicknames ‘SB’, or ‘SmiBe’ (rhymes with tribe)

Favourite Clothing: Red vest (he owns 37 all identical)

Unique Quality: Always able to cheer up a buddy

Smileability: 10 - If you want smile, then he’s your guy

(Note: Smileability is how likely you are to make someone smile, rated out of a maximum 10)

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Smiling Bear

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