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7 Rules To Keep You Smiling More

Thank you for enrolling in the School Of Smile. By reading these 7 rules,
you will automatically become qualified to Smile More :-)

1. Daily Smile
Remember to smile each and every day, even if you don’t feel like it. Smiling makes you feel good and quickly becomes a healthy, happy habit.

2. Smile Inside
Smile on the inside as well as out. It’s important that your smile is always genuine – don’t be a smile phony.

3. Spread Smile
Just like a cold (only a lot nicer), a smile is catching. First you smile, then your friend smiles, and before you know it the whole world is smiling.

4. Words Of Smile
It’s just as easy to say nice things as it is nasty. Kind words are uplifting; they help us feel the power of a good smile.

5. Lost Smile
If your buddy has lost their smile, help them to find it again. It won’t have gone far and should be easy enough to track down with a few good jokes.

6. Be Happy With Your Smile
Smiles may seem bigger elsewhere, but don’t be tempted. Be happy with the one you already have.

7. Smile Stoppers
Avoid them at all costs. They are incredibly unpredictable and
should not be approached.

Congratulations! – You're An Official Smiler

You're Fully Qualified, Claim Your Free Graduation Award!

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This certifies your completion of the course. All that remains is for you
to print it out, fill in your name and proudly place it on display.

Achieve Maximum Happiness

Now that you’ve graduated, keep following these rules on a
daily basis. Aim high, strive to achieve maximum happiness.

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